How to Push Yourself Even When You Are Scared


Your Gut Is A Liar

Okay, so bear with me a moment here. Look back to your past… Go ahead… I’m right here. 

Now consider any past experiences when you had an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary.

Think  about that time that you found yourself wanting to leave your job. Or perhaps you wanted to start your own business? Or it could be that you wanted to learn ballet or a new skill, but felt that you were too old to start? Maybe you wanted to learn a dance,  travel alone, or even leave a relationship?

Tell me – What did you do?

Did you say, “Yes!”,  and take the challenge? Or did you say, “No thanks!”?

See, this is what happens when we consider new ideas, situations, and experiences. We get a feeling in our gut which tells us to go for it or to stay away. 

SO – when those thoughts and ideas came to you – you got that sinking feeling in your gut, ya?  And then because of that feeling in your gut; you shook those ideas off as being silly and irresponsible. 

You decided to go with your gut feeling; thinking why rock the boat?!

Am I right?

That’s okay! You see, I know all too well. My Fear and I have had a super strong relationship for many, many years. In fact, we were intimate for SO VERY LONG. Living with Fear felt safe and secure. Fear taught me to do things by the book. 

But here’s what I want to tell you: Your gut is not telling you anything. Absolutely nothing! In fact, your gut is a liar.

All it’s doing is telling your brain that you’re about to do something that is out of the ordinary. So your brain brings out the blankets, hot chocolate, marshmallows, with the goal of pampering you and making you feel safe – telling you that you don’t need to rock the boat.

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What Do You Fear?

I said in a recent post that, everything we do in this life is driven by only two things: LOVE or FEAR – every decision and choice we make stems from these two emotions.

It is because of this that it is SO important to know what your fears are, or at least to identify them; because when you know what your fears are – you can work around them.

As human beings, our brains are programmed to fear anything that is out of the ordinary – outside of what our everyday selves take on and encounter. In other words, our brains are programmed to protect us and keep us safe. 

Every single time you even think of doing something new, your senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, or smell) sends signals to your brain – *ALERT, ALERT, ALERT* – triggering the Fight or Flight response in us.

Let’s take your sense of smell as an example. SO – your sense of smell detects an unusual odor; let’s say – smoke. Your sense of smell then sends a message to your brain, indicating that you are in danger, triggering you to act… either to take flight and run away, or to stay put and fight the situation.

So that feeling that you get, which is telling you that something is wrong… that’s not your gut. That, my friend, is your brain doing its job – that is, to protect you.

Now for every time you took your “gut’s advice” not to rock the boat; have you ever considered what beautiful and amazing things might be on the other side of the boat?

Gut Feeling Is Not Intuition

For years, I listened to my gut. Every time I got a feeling, I gave credit to intuition.

What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t actually intuition. It wasn’t a sign of bad things to come. It was just my brain doing it’s job and trying to protect me.

Let me explain.

If you walk alone down a dark alley at night, and your gut is telling you to turn back and call a cab… you probably should. But see, that’s not intuition. That’s your brain telling you that what you are doing is unusual to your daily routine and possibly dangerous. And your brain is probably right, you know. It is possible that something could be dangerous in that dark alley; but then again… it could be just that: a dark alley.

Life Is Funny

Now take this. One minute, you’re working quietly at your desk; and the next minute you have this idea of leaving your job and starting your own business. Crazy! But that’s exactly what happened to me.

I’ve had maaaaany crazy ideas – but this time, I listened to it. I accepted the idea and the challenge that came with it.

I know that you too have experienced this many times. Like I said, it’s fine. We all have given in to our gut feeling. But consider this for a moment… that idea that came to you while you were sleeping – or while you having a burger over lunch; or whatever it was you were doing when it came to you… that idea CHOSE YOU.

The world is full of ideas. Ideas are like little ghost energies that flit and float looking for people to receive them. If you don’t accept the idea – because you’re gut said not to – then it just goes on and looks for someone else who will.

You will have noticed that in this life, ideas come and go, ya?

These idea energies come to you and wait a while for you to accept it. You toss and you turn. You think about it and consider it. BUT when you listen to your gut and say no… that idea then floats on to the next person, who is willing to accept it and take the challenge, because surely you don’t expect it to hang around forever, ya?

I mean – how many times have you had what you thought was a brilliant idea, but you didn’t do it because you’re gut said not to? And then later on… maybe a couple of months or a couple of years later – someone else does what you were supposed to do but didn’t? And then you’re like – That was my idea! I was going to do that!

Has that happened to you? I am SO sure that it has. Life is funny like that.

You should totally read this. I promise, it will be worth it.

Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway

So back to my question – Have you ever considered what is on the other side of rocking the boat?

I want you to remember this: It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to be cautious. But, my dear, don’t let fear stop you from exploring the other side of the waters.


Your boat is meant to be rocked. Your boat is designed to withstand rough waters, waves, and tides to get you to the other side… to get you to your destination. Don’t let someone else live the life you envision. Rock and row your boat, my friend. (See what I did there? 😀 ) Take your ideas, live BIG, and make them a reality ♥



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