20 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know to Save Money


Wedding on a Budget

Everyone knows that weddings can be insanely expensive, especially when you let it get out of hand – and it’s easy to! A lot of couples take the school of thought that their wedding is meant to be a once in a lifetime experience; and allow that reasoning to justify the massive expense that their weddings are going to incur. But in today’s day and age… is it really necessary? I say… you can have a wedding on a budget that is beautiful, meaningful, and everything that you dreamed it would be ♥

There are so many ways that couples can reduce their wedding budget, spending only on things that matter – and taking the DIY route or getting freebies on other less important factors. Now, I love finding awesome tips and hacks that empower you to simplify life.

So in this post, we’ve rounded up the top wedding hacks and budget tips for every single part of your wedding, giving you 20 clever ways to save money on your wedding.

Wedding on a Budget | Invitations and Save the Dates

1- Email Your Save the Dates

Save the Dates are only meant to let your friends and family know that you are getting married on a certain date. Because it doesn’t include any other information apart from the date of your wedding, it’s fair to say that you can skip these and just go ahead and email them. Date saved, done, dusted!

2- Go Digital with The Knot

I love The Knot because you literally have everything in front of you, right on your desktop PC – from planning tools, vendors, registry, and even a style guide for wedding dresses.

Now, if you decide to ditch paper and go digital (which I recommend), you can create your own Wedding Website for absolutely FREE!  It’s super easy to use – you don’t have to be a techy person to use it at all. Once you’re done populating your website, you simply share it with your guests via email, and they can do everything from there. Your guests can RSVP, choose their meals (chicken, fish, beef, veg, etc!). And they can even browse through your registry.

Trust me – it’s super easy!

3- DIY Pocket Invitations – Found on Cards & Pockets 

Now if you really want to send out invitations, why not DIY your own invitations? This is really cool because you can be as creative as you want. You are in control! Cards & Pockets has a really in-depth tutorial. Check it out here.

Wedding on a Budget - DIY Invitations


4- Skip the Fancy Paper

Paper is expensive and choosing the right kind of paper can make the dollar difference in your budget. If you really must, something like this will be perfect. Affordable and still lovely.

5- Remove the Non-essentials

Once upon a time, wedding invitations had so many insertions – reception cards, RSVP cards, accommodation inserts, maps or logistics cards… you name it, it’s in there.

If you really want to stick to your budget, make sure you get rid of any non-essentials. Chuck the map… with GPS and Google Maps so easily accessible, your guests really won’t even glance at the map.

Wedding on a Budget: Ceremony and Reception

6- Have the Ceremony at the same place as the Reception

If you are not having a church wedding, then choosing a wedding ceremony venue that can also host your reception will save you heaps. Often times, venues have discounted packages – make sure you ask if they have any promotions.  Why pay for two separate reservation fees for two different venues?

Wedding on a Budget - Venue

Found on Pinterest


7- Choose a Venue With Ambiance and Character

The more ambiance and character your venue has, the less you need to decorate.

Wedding on a Budget: Attire

8- Look for an Affordable Wedding Dress

Your dress does NOT have to cost you an arm and a leg. Be creative when you’re looking for your dress. If you remove the word “wedding” from your vocabulary, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save!

Give it a chance – shop around for prom or ball dresses, evening gowns, or formals. Better yet, wear a bridesmaid dress. David’s Bridal has really, really cheap dresses and have promotions throughout the year.

Personally, I think this one is beautiful! You can even get this one if you’re having an outdoor or beach wedding.

Check out this bridesmaid dress from Nordstrom – that’s a fraction of the price of a wedding dress!

Wedding on a Budget - Wedding Dress, Nordstrom

Found on Nordstrom


9- DIY Wedding Dress – Found on My Handmade Space

If you’ve got a knack for sewing (which, sadly, I don’t), why not sew your own dress? Or perhaps your mom or a friend could. Anabelle from My Handmade Space has a lot of free wedding dress patterns you can download for free.

Wedding on a Budget - DIY Wedding Dress

Found on My Handmade Space


Wedding on a Budget: Music

10- Skip the DJ

Give the DJ a miss and take control of your own music, using this iTunes app. It’s really intuitive, and you can set it so that there are no silent parts between songs.


Wedding on a Budget: Flowers and Decorations

11- Fresh for the Bridal Party

Give the bridal party fresh flowers, and use artificial for your decorations…. because really, no one will remember the flowers.

12- Use Flowers that are in Season

By using flowers that are in season, you can save tons of money. Flowers in season are generally cheaper because they are in abundance. Vendors can’t can’t raise their prices on things that are in huge abundance.

13- DIY Your Decorations

Pinterest has heaps of ideas you can choose from. Here’s a beautiful Flower Box centerpiece created by Wedding Chicks. Check out their tutorial here.

Wedding on a Budget - DIY Decorations, CenterpieceFound on Wedding Chicks

Wedding on a Budget: Wedding Favors 

14- Skip the Wedding Favors

Wedding favors aren’t a must at weddings. While it’s true that your guests are taking time out of their busy lives to be present at your wedding, but you are also feeding them an amazing meal and really, they are they to celebrate your special day with you.

15- Simple Flower Seeds

But if you really want to give your guests something, a simple yet meaningful gesture would more than suffice. One way to get around this is to get some of these pretty boxes and fill them with some chocolates.

Here’s an idea:

Giving your guests a small kraft envelope filled with some plant or flower seeds is a beautiful gesture. It’s simple and it’s affordable!

Wedding on a Budget - Plants and Flower seeds

Found on Wilkie


Wedding on a Budget: Wedding Cake

16- Make Your Own Cake

Here’s a tutorial from Lizzy over at Your Cup of Cake. She takes you through the steps to make your own wedding cake.

Wedding on a Budget - DIY Cake

Found on Your Cup of Cake


17- Go Naked

And if you’re worried about frosting your cake, you can always go naked! Brit + Co takes you through on how to make one, step by step.

Wedding on a Budget - Naked Cake

Found on Brit + Co

18- Stack Some Donuts on a Cake Platter

You’ll be impressed by this beautiful alternative to a traditional wedding cake – I know I am! Check out the whole feature on the Budget Savvy Bride.

Wedding on a Budget - Donut Cake

Found on  Budget Savvy Bride

19- Cupcakes Take the Cake!

Now, this is a really good idea, because you can choose to have just a single tier cake – saving heaps of money, instead of going with the traditional 3-tier or more wedding cake. By just having a single tier, you can still cut the cake as husband and wife, and the guests can help themselves to a variety of cupcakes. Here’s a beautiful feature on Wedding Include.


Wedding on a Budget - Cupcakes

Found on Wedding Include


Wedding on a Budget: Honeymoon

20- Stay Local

When people talk about going on honeymoon, they often think of going away for a while. But that’s not really necessary, is it?

Consider booking a hotel room and spoiling yourselves, as husband and wife, with room service and lounging by the poolside. By golly, even just not having to clean up after yourselves would be a treat!

Be Prepared

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer

This planner/organizer includes everything you need to get organized for your big day, from checklists, worksheets, and essential tools to plan the perfect wedding on a small budget.


Build A Wedding Registry

Building a registry that reflects what you want your life together to look and feel like. Choose from a large selection of gifts and give your loved ones a chance to gift you with what you will actually like and use for your happily ever after. 




20 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know to Save Money - This Blended Home of Mine - Save money on your wedding day with these wedding hacks
20 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding - This Blended Home of Mine | Ideas and hacks for a wedding on a budget
20 Tips that will save you money on Your Wedding - This Blended Home of Mine | Ideas and hacks for a wedding on a budget
20 Wedding Budget Hacks Every Bride Should Know - This Blended Home of Mine - wedding on a budget ideas saving money

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