20 Things You Should Stop Buying If You Want to Save Money


Stop Wasting Your Wasting Money

Over the last year, Wayne and I have made several conscious decisions to cut back and stop buying unnecessary things that cost more than what they should. This exercise has helped us to stick to our household budget, cut back on our grocery costs, and go on regular family holidays.

Adding to being wiser about our costs and purchases, we’ve found that the following items on this list were unnecessary purchases that were costing us more that they should have. So! If you want to save money, here are 20 things you should STOP buying right now.

20 Things You Should Stop Buying If You Want to Save Money

#1 Shredded Cheese – When you are buying pre-shredded cheese, you are paying for convenience… not the cheese. So unless you are feeding an army, hosting a social gathering, or in serious lack of time; it’s much cheaper to buy a block of cheese and grate it yourself.

Tip: Get some zip lock bags and portion your cheese accordingly.

#2 Fabric Softener – It’s incredibly easy to make your own fabric softener at home. And guess what? It costs a fraction of the price of a store bought brand. Plus! You know what goes into it when you make your own.

Tip: Check out this tutorial by Susan from the Confident Mom.

#3 Bottled Water – Why pay for bottled water, when water is so readily available? All you need to ensure that your family is drinking safe water from the tap is to invest in a good water filtration system.

Check it out: This Filtration System is under sink mounted and doubles as a water softener. You’ll need a plumber to install it for you – unless you’re handy. But if you want something that’s simple to use and is affordable, this Countertop Filtration System will do the trick. Some people though have found that it didn’t fit their tap, and another handful found that the product shipped to them was faulty. You can see more of the reviews here.

#4 Portioned Produce – Right. So similar to shredded cheese, buying produce that is pre-portioned, pre-packed, pre-sliced, simply means that you are buying convenience, rather than a better quality product. It is far more economical to buy produce according to your needs and slice it up and portion it yourself.

#5 Smoothie Mixes – Use excess produce in smoothies, and batch prep them. Rachel from Clean Food Crush has a great post of preparing a week’s worth of green smoothies.

#6 Branded Products – You may well have heard it many times before; but let me tell you again: Branded does not always mean quality. Whether it’s in the form of clothing, food, or groceries… sometimes, it’s just not worth it. Like shredded cheese and paying for convenience, with branded products; you are simply paying for the brand name.


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#7 Dryer Sheets – There are many alternatives to store bought dryer sheets. Jess from mom4real has been making her own dryer sheets for years… and guess what? They’re resusable! Check out her tutorial here.

#8 Convenience Foods – Convenience is always going to cost you more money. If you’re short on time (which is why we usually head for the convenience aisles), why not try using a meal planner?

#9 Frozen TV Dinners Seriously, give meal planning a try. It’s healthier for you as well. Shelby over at Little Coffee Fox has an in-depth tutorial on how to get started. Check it out here.

#10 Disposable Cutlery and Plates – Not only is it not good for the environment; sitting down to dinner is a great opportunity for the family to catch up on the day. Don’t rush it. Sit down, have the right dinnerware, and enjoy it as a family. Spread the chores around if you need to.

#11 Pancake Mix – I cannot stress how easy it is to make your own pancake mix! This is the only recipe you need to make a basic pancake. Get creative and throw other bits in.

#12 Salad Dressings – You’ll be surprised with the many dressings you can make with a simple bottle of EVOO.

#13 Infused Water – Instead, get your own infuser bottle and try out some delicious recipes.

#14 Gym Memberships – I cringe when I think about how much I’ve spent on gym memberships that have gone unused or sold for a lesser price. Make use of the free environment around you – go for a walk (or run, if that’s your thing). Walk the dog and cut back on the dog walker fees too!

#15 Magazines – With the abundance of blogs, new sites, and information online… magazines are really an unnecessary expense.

#16 Books – Our family has stopped buying brand new books. Instead, we go to the library or visit book fairs.

#17 Expensive Kids Clothing – Kids grow up really quickly, so be discerning when buying clothing.

#18 Expensive Kids Toys – The same as with clothing, toys should be purchased at a minimum. Children’s interests can change rather quickly.

#19 Branded Pharmaceutical DrugsBecause the truth is… they’re all the same. BUT – if you are using prescription drugs, then please always go by what your doctor recommends.

#20 Designer Eyeglasses – Unless there’s a specific reason that you want to purchase an expensive pair of designer glasses… there is no real need to get it. You can find many affordable frames for less. What matters are the lenses!


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20 Things You Should Stop Buying, If you Want to Save Money - This Blended Home of Mine | Frugal living tips for families to save money
20 unnecessary expenses I stopped paying for to save money - This Blended Home of Mine _ Frugal living tips for families to save money

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3 thoughts

  1. Cindy Weeks says:

    I was with you until the “branded pharma drugs”. Yes, alot of generic drugs have the same amount of drug in them. It is the fillers that are used in generic drugs you need to watch for. There are no rules with generics what filler can be used so you do not know from one refill to the next what might be in them. My suggestion is to try generics for a month and if you have any issues speak to your physician. In point, I can and will only use brand synthroid for my thyroid disease. I have generic crestor which has worked well. Just a little caution!

    1. thisblendedhomeofmine says:

      Hi Cindy! I completely agree with you. My line of thinking was more on generic OTC drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or even antihistamines. Personally, I take prescription drugs – and for those ones, I would never substitute them unless prescribed by my doctor. You’re right that in these cases, changing brands is not wise. Thanks for bringing that up, Cindy. I would hate to have others think that we are advocating for substitution of such important medication. Totally agree with you! xx

  2. We can make our own dryer sheets?? And fabric softener?? #mindblown Thanks for the tip Melissa!

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