The Family Guide To Halloween You Need to See Right Now

This Is The Only Family Halloween Guide You Will Ever Need

Okay – so it’s finally October, which means it’s officially the Month of Halloween. Wahoo!! It also means it’s Spring for us in New Zealand and that Summer is just around the corner. I know that’s totally unrelated, but if you knew what our weather over here is like – you would be cheering for us! Summer! Summer! Summer!

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Anyway, I’ve decided to give you The Only Family Halloween Guide You Will Ever Need. Not just costumes and decorations – I’m talking about a whole round up of ideas for everything your family will need to enjoy not the Halloween on the day, but the Month of Halloween. Let’s make it amazing, aye?

Now, I’ve already shared 17 DIY Costumes for the Whole Family and Cheap Halloween Decorations You Can Do On a Budget with you, so I won’t go too much of that, ya?

BUT wait – I want to show you these costumes for your little fur babies


Caribbean Pirate Pet Halloween Costume 

I cannot get enough of this UPS Delivery Dog

And what about this adorable little Cowboy? (Cowcat??)

Anyhoo – Moving on… so what have we got?

The Best Halloween Movies for the Whole Family

Who doesn’t love a good scare? I know that sometimes, watching Halloween Movies doesn’t always go well especially when we have little children. I know that for our household, it’s definitely been a while since we’ve watched a Horror/Thriller without first having to put the kids to bed! So here’s a great list of the Best Halloween Movies for The Whole Family to enjoy:

Family With Toddlers

Family With Tweens

Family With OLDER Teens

  • Carrie [R]
  • Final Destination [R]
  • The Craft [R]
  • The Lost Boys [R]
  • The Ring [PG 13]
  • Twiglight [PG 13]

Exclusively for Mom and Dad

  • A Dark Song [R]
  • Annabelle Creation [R]
  • It [R]
  • It Comes At Night [R]
  • Nightmare on Elm Street [R]
  • The Exorcist [R]

If you can’t decided on one particular movie, why not give this free trial a go, and binge watch for 7 days!

Halloween Family Disco – Dance Like No One’s Watching

Or maybe, like everyone’s watching! Whatever gets you shaking your booty!

If you’re hosting a family Halloween Party, here are some awesome tunes to keep on loop.

There are SO MANY other songs that can go into your list. Why not hop on to YouTube or Spotify and create your own awesome playlist. Did you know that there are ones for little tots too?

Halloween Recipes Your Family and Friends Will Love

Ghost Pretzels 

Check out the video tutorial by Amber over at Dessert Now Dinner Later – clever!

Ghost Pretzels - The Only Family Halloween Guide You Will Ever Need - This Blended Home of Mine

Found on Dessert Now Dinner Later

Chocolate Cookie Monsters

Krissy over at Self Proclaimed Foodie shows you exactly how to do it!

Chocolate Cookie Monsters - The Only Family Halloween Guide You Will Ever Need - This Blended Home of Mine

Found on Self Proclaimed Foodie

Dark Chocolate Halloween Chip Cookies

Now – because I can’t say no to chocolate… or peanut butter… or cookies – you must go and see how Amy of House of Nash Eats creates this delicious cookies.

Dark-Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Chip-Cookies - The Only Family Halloween Guide You Will Ever Need - This Blended Home of Mine

Found on House of Nash Eats

Check this out for even more inspiration!

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The Family Guide to Halloween You Need to See Right Now - This Blended Home of Mine - Halloween Costumes | Halloween Decorations | Halloween Food | Halloween Party | Halloween Music

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