5 Clever Little Tools Everyone With Anxiety Should Have

5 Clever Little Tools Everyone With Anxiety Should Have - This Blended Home of Mine

Anxiety can come in a flash, with little to no warning at all When you have anxiety… everything is okay until the time comes that it isn’t. Given the unexpected nature of it, I personally welcome any help that I can get when it comes to preventing or easing it. Of course, it’s important to […]

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How to Get Things Done When You Are Feeling Unmotivated

How to Get Things Done When You Are Feeling Unmotivated - This Blended Home of Mine - for days when you need get off your butt and get things done

Right. So I’ve got a confession to make. Lately, I’ve been feeling super unmotivated and lifeless. Any hint of motivation or excitement is instantly zapped away by my anxieties and the endless supply of self-doubt it comes with. Doing anything – ANYTHING – has been so difficult; it’s like trying to climb Mt Everest every […]

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How Accepting That My Underwear Was Too Small Helped Me to Love My Body

When I Accepted My Underwear Was Too Small There were many instances when I could have and should have seen that my underwear was too small; instead, I attributed it to my two pregnancies, blamed it on my period, or having eaten too much that day. I didn’t love my body, so I made excuses. […]

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Inspirational Calendar with Quotes for When Life Sucks – Free Printable

Inspirational quotes for when life is tough - This Blended Home of Mine _ Motivational, Positive, Quotes to live by, Wise Quotes, Truths

Life is great… …but life is hard too. There’s no point in candy coating it. Some days can get so tough that we don’t even know where to find the strength to get out of bed. Here are 15 inspirational quotes for when it life sucks.   BONUS: Get your free 12-Month Inspirational Calendar here.    […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Your Gut

Your Gut Is A Liar Okay, so bear with me a moment here. Look back to your past… Go ahead… I’m right here.  Now consider any past experiences when you had an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. Think  about that time that you found yourself wanting to leave your job. Or perhaps you […]

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Why You Need to Unbalance Your Life

Why You Need to Unbalance Your Life _ This Blended Home of Mine - Life lessons, Balanced Lifestyle, Balanced Life, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Self Care

Unbalance Your Life As we get older and life takes over, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by our responsibilities; and so we naturally try and get a handle on juggling and balancing it all out. Fair enough, right? But see – here’s the thing. It shouldn’t be about balancing it all on your life’s plate… that’s […]

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One Simple Solution To Help Ease Your Anxiety Levels

One Simple Solution That Will Ease Your Anxiety Levels - This Blended Home of Mine - Self-Care, Self-Love, Love Yourself Challenge, Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world It affects 1 in every 13 people – that is a staggering 7.3%, globally. And although it is a treatable illness, many, many people go on through life without seeking any help due to the stigma attached to being diagnosed with a mental illness. Sadly, […]

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20 Simple But Effective Ways to Love Yourself

Self Love  There are days when my anxiety gets the better of me, that I forget to love myself. I feel completely bogged down. When this happens, I hide away in my bedroom cave, draw the curtains shut, cover my head with a pillow, and hide from the world. Yesterday was one of those days. Difficult. My mental […]

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10 Things I Learned When I Resigned from Mom Hustling

Being A Mom Is  Fulltime Job The worst part? There are no parenting classes that really train us how to be good at our jobs. We get tons of parenting advice, but which one do you take? Unlike going to work, moms (parents) do not seem to know how to shut off. Going to a […]

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