6 Books You Should Read to Help You in Raising Teenage Girls

Raising Teenage Girls Can Be Tough Being a teenager is tough. I hated it. There was nothing more I wanted that to be grown up, out of school, and living my own life. When I was growing up, I wished for more guidance from my parents. I hoped that they would comfort me and tell […]

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How To Cope When You Have A Favorite Child

How To Cope When Your Realize You Have a Favorite Child - This Blended Home of Mine - Tween Parenting, Tween girls, How to Parent a Tween Girl, Middle School, Parenting Tween Girl Article, Relationship

I have a confession to make You might need to sit down. Are you ready? Okay – I have a favorite child. I know, I know – It’s so wrong! For those of you who may not know it, I have two daughters. TWO. TWEEN. GIRLS. You get me? Yesterday was a really tough parenting day […]

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How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying

How To Talk to Your Child About Bullying - Kids' Daily Dose of Awesome - This Blended Home of Mine - Bullying, Bullying Lessons, Stop Bullying

What Is Bullying There are no real statistics to show when bullying has started. If we were to dig as deep as we could, we would probably find that bullying has been around since the beginning of time. Experts define bullying as repeated and unwanted behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. In essence, […]

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Real Moms Feature - How This Mom Does It All, Leaving No Room for Regrets - This Blended Home of Mine - Parenting | Mompreneur

REAL MOMS FEATURE: How SHE DOES IT ALL – NO REGRETS In this Real Moms Feature, I’m super happy to introduce, Caroline Lontoc-Diaz. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which come at no cost to you. I promise! See my full disclosure here. Caroline is a mom of two gorgeous boys, a wife to her […]

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Why You Should Tell Your Daughters They Are Beautiful

Why You Should Tell Your Daughters They Are Beautiful - This Blended Home of Mine

Why I Tell My Daughters They Are Beautiful The culture of feminism is strong in today’s society. One of the many stances that feminism promotes is that we as parents should not be placing emphasis on children’s appearances; and that we should instead compliment them on their abilities. Women want to be equal to men […]

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Thriving with Eosinophilic Oesophagitis

Teach Your Child to Thrive In Spite of Eosinophilic Oesophagitis - This Blended Home of Mine

Thriving with Eosinophilic Oesophagitis This is a guest post from Robyn Meynell from Wellington, New Zealand. Robyn is a mother of three; one of which suffers from a rare condition called Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and Duodenitis. Today, she tells us of how life has progressed for her son since he experienced his first anaphylactic reaction as […]

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10 Parenting Memes That Will Make Even Exhausted Parents Laugh Out Loud

Parents United You’re tired. Am I right? I get it. It happens. In fact, I told you recently, that I resigned from the mom hustle. That’s why I’m giving you 10 Parenting Memes That Will Make Even Exhausted Parents Laugh Out Loud Moms have the most difficult job in the world Do you recall that video that […]

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10 Things I Learned When I Resigned from Mom Hustling

Being A Mom Is  Fulltime Job The worst part? There are no parenting classes that really train us how to be good at our jobs. We get tons of parenting advice, but which one do you take? Unlike going to work, moms (parents) do not seem to know how to shut off. Going to a […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Growing Tween

Everything You Need to Know About Your Growing Tween I have two daughters aged 9 and 12. They are right in the middle of that special, exciting horrifying, hair-pulling, frustrating time when you will find yourself dealing with an array of never-ending factors across different areas of development. I’m guessing you’re here, because you’re in that […]

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It’s Okay to Be An Introverted Parent

Secrets of an Introverted Parent My name is Melissa, and I’m an introverted parent. If you are one too – and I’m guessing that you are – let me tell you now… before anything else! Let me tell you – IT IS OKAY. Do you ever see those moms and dads in grocery stores and […]

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