8 Hacks to Organizing A Small Kitchen When You Don’t Have Enough Space


8 Clever Storage Solutions and Hacks that Will Keep your Small Kitchen Tidy and Inviting

One of the biggest pain points I have when it comes to keeping my house tidy is the kitchen. And more so – how to keep my kitchen organized and clean without having enough cupboard space. I cannot stand a messy kitchen. Unlike the laundry room, which hopefully you are able to shut and keep away from sight; you can’t hide the kitchen. It’s frustrating when everyone in the family has a different definition of what tidy is. So anyway – here are the 8 clever storage solutions to keep your small kitchen tidy and inviting.

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Tidy Kitchen Hack #1 – Dishwasher Magnet Clean/Dirty Sign

Don’t you hate it when people “accidentally” put dirty stuff in the dishwasher, when it clearly has just completed a clean cycle? Please tell me I’m not the only who hears, “I thought it was dirty!” as a constant excuse?

This magnet sliders can stick to any dishwasher. No more excuses!



Tidy Kitchen Hack #2 – Kitchen Food Organization Clear Gloss Label

Why is it that no one else, but me, can find anything in the pantry? Is it the same in your household? I realize that the who organizes is usually can find things a lot easier… but you’d think that since it’s been in the same place for years, that they would’ve figured it out sooner or later.

I love these labels, because they’re clear and they stick on to almost any surface – even wood.



Tidy Kitchen Hack #3 – Wall Mounted Wire Shelf Basket Racks 

Okay, so I really like these baskets because they are essentially handy space savers. I like mounting things up on walls, and keeping my kitchen counter clean. They’re super sturdy and I can even hang my pots and pans on it. (I don’t like bending deep into cupboards to pull out pans).

I didn’t hang my fruit in the baskets, but I do use it for veggies and cooking sauces.



Tidy Kitchen Hack #4 – Kitchen Slim Storage Organizer – Slide Out Shelf 

Another super space saver, I keep a few around the house. I used one by the refrigerator space, by the pantry, and next to my washing machine.

Just remember that the shelves are quite narrow – they’re meant to slip right into the small, unused spaces.



Tidy Kitchen Hack #5 – Kitchen Sink Organizer Caddy Holder

Righty-oh! I love this because the suction cup that keeps it in place really does work. I like that my dish brush isn’t left in the sink or worse – on the counter – to drip dry.

I also feel that when things have a designated space… it makes it all appear very organized.



Tidy Kitchen Hack #6 – 3-Tier Round Iron Hanging Basket

This is super cute! Like I said, I try to keep my counter space clear. It’s pleasing to look at and… it gives the fruit enough space so that there is circulation. If you do get one of these – it may be a good idea to get this to go with it. Makes hanging it so much easier.



Tidy Kitchen Hack #7 – 8-Tier Pantry Organizer

This only works if the existing shelves in your pantry do not extend to the actual door. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to shut it properly. I ended up using some screws to fit it in place because without them, it felt like it would all come down. Now I’m a happy mama!




Tidy Kitchen Hack #8 – Refrigerator and Freezer Stackable Storage Organizer Bins

Okie dokie! So I’ve saved this for last because I know that it’s super obvious, but not a lot of people use it.

The inside of the fridge has got to be my biggest pain point. Seriously. Keeping it organized is like fighting a losing battle. So I finally gave in and got a set of these and… I love it!

Before you get these though, make sure that you measure the dimensions of your fridge shelves. They are quite long. We’ve got a large fridge, so it works perfectly.

I will eventually get more of the clear labels because I think that it would work well in these. But I might end up DIY-ing it like this one here. Jenn, from Clean and Scentsible, has a great tutorial and free patterns. Check it out.

Get your Organizer Bins here.



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8 Small Kitchen Storage Solutions and Hacks that will keep your kitchen tidy and inviting - This Blended Home of Mine _ tidy kitchen ideas for small spaces
8 Hacks to organizing a small kitchen when you don't have enough space - how to organize a small kitchen

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