41 Easy Ways to Save Money Each Month


41 Easy Ways to Save Money Each Month

There are so many different ways to save money, beginning in our own homes and without bending over backwards; so that you can have your cake and eat it too. Sound good? Here are 41 easy ways to save money each month.

Save Money Each Month | In the Home

  • Make a budget and stick to it. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents has a great post of How to Make a Budget
  • Get rid of your credit cards. Seriously! These bad boys only give you an excuse to purchase something you can’t really afford.
  • Set some money aside for your buffer. Now, if you don’t have a buffer, check this out – it’s real easy.
  • Cancel your telephone lines. If you have a mobile phone, then you don’t need a home telephone. Plus – you can do more with your mobile phone anyway.
  • Change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones.
  • Review and renegotiate your electricity providers. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.
  • Turn the lights off when not in use. It may seem small, but hey… it all adds up.
  • Open your windows on warm days; and keep them shut and draw the curtains on cold days
  • Dress for the weather – put on a jumper if it’s cold, instead of cranking up the heater.

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Save Money Each Month | In the Kitchen

  • Cook your own food – here are some awesome recipes to try when you are skint on money, food, or even time.
  • Create a meal plan, so you don’t impulsively get takeaways. Megan, over at With Salt and Wit has a great post on how to meal plan for a month in 30 minutes.
  • Don’t toss your leftovers. Reheat them and turn them into a new dish.
  • Write a shopping list before doing your groceries. Doing the shopping without a list is a sure-fire way to overspend.
  • Unplug your small appliances from the wall when they aren’t in use – think the blender, toaster, and microwave.
  • Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. If it isn’t in season, that means that produce is limited and thus, more expensive.
  • Use cheaper meat cuts and make use of your slow cooker. I love my slow cooker! Chuck it in at the beginning of the day, and come home to a melt in your mouth dinner. This recipe from Sweet Little Blue Bird is a go to for my family.
  • Don’t use a full dishwasher cycle – meaning, don’t use the drier function. After the cycle finishes, leave the door open a crack width and let it air dry on its own.
  • Grow your own veggie garden…. I’m useless at this. I’ve killed too many of my plant friends. But I do have some friends who yield amazing produce from their own gardens.

Save Money Each Month | In the Laundry

  • Do laundry only when you’ve got a full load to wash.
  • Hang your laundry to dry – especially in the warmer months.
  • Skip the fabric softener. If you use a good detergent, it should include a softener.
  • Don’t buy clothes that are dry clean only! Even better, buy clothes that do not need to be ironed.

Save Money Each Month | Out Shopping

  • Don’t buy books – borrow them. Check out your local library.
  • Buy second hand. If what you need doesn’t not have to be brand new (ie, underwear!) – then ask yourself if you can get it second hand. Thrift shops can be your best friend. Just don’t get carried away, because it’s so easy to find some pretty awesome things and buy it because it’s so cheap… even if you don’t need it 🙁 Been there… done that!
  • Check out the clearance racks.
  • Get products which are off or mid-season.
  • Buy in bulk
  • Try generic
  • Compare costs before making a purchase. You’ll find that the prices of competing stores vary – sometimes by quite a bit.

Save Money Each Month | On Self Love

  • Cancel that gym subscription and hit the great outdoors – or just your backyard!
  • Get creative and do your own nails. Or better yet, bond with your husband and get him to do it for you.
  • Wash your hair before going to the hair salon. This sounds redundant, but this is so you don’t get charged extra for it.

Save Money Each Month | Family Entertainment

  • Attend free events with the family. Check out your local city council website to see what’s on.
  • Skip the soda and order water when you eat out
  • Host your own birthday parties at home
  • Cancel your cable subscription and get Netflix.
  • Why go to the movies, when you have Netflix? Pop some popcorn and make a movie night of it.

Save Money Each Month | In Your Car

  • Walk if you can. Taking multiple trips out can cause unnecessary expense. If you can, plan your day so you don’t go to and fro.
  • Don’t keep the car loaded with unnecessary weight. I’m guilty of this! I decluttered the house and put some stuff aside for charity. I’ve been driving around with those bags in the boot for weeks now – eek!!
  • Don’t drive around during peak time. If you can, schedule your trips when there is less traffic on the road. Save yourself some petrol!
  • Do your research before filling the tank up. See which petrol station is giving you the best value for money.

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41 Easy Ways to Save Money Each Month - This Blended Home of Mine _ Great ideas and actionable ideas on how to save money every month even when living on a low income. budget, frugal living, money saving hacks
41 Money saving hacks that are easy to action - This Blended Home of Mine _ Great ideas and actionable ideas on how to save money every month even when living on a low income.
41 Simple Ways to Save Money in every aspect of your home life - This Blended Home of Mine _ Great ideas and actionable ideas on how to save money every month even when living on a low income

41 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month - This Blended Home of Mine _ Frugal living tips for families to save money

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