How To Save $1000 Even When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck


Save money fast and learn how to live on a tight budget and save money while you’re at it! Sometimes, I get caught between paying for the experience or saving money for a rainy day. It’s not unusual and it’s a dilemma that many households face from time to time, if not week after week. Here’s how to save $1000 even when you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Review Your Finances – Begin with a fresh slate.

Firstly – never mind that you spent way more than you should last month. There’s no point in flogging yourself for what has been. Begin with a fresh slate and review your finances. Consider the following points:

  • How much you earn – Weekly, Twice Monthly, or Monthly
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents has a great post of How to Make a Budget
  • Set some money aside for your buffer. If you don’t have a buffer, check this out – it’s really easy.

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How To Save $1000 Even When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

1. Re-Sell Items in Your Home

Go through all the items in your home and short of doing a “Marie Kondo” on your home, look at your stuff and consider what you REALLY NEED and REALLY USE. Scour your home for preloved treasures, and then resell them online through eBay, Trade Me, Amazon, or even Facebook groups.

Tip: If you are interested in being a reseller, you should definitely check out the Flea Market Flipper University by Rob and Melissa. will hold your hand and guide you through buying and reselling on eBay and other online platforms without giving up your life. They also regularly host Facebook Lives which will allow you to ask questions in real-time. 

Earn an extra: $20-$100 per month

2. Get Rid of Your Credit Card

It’s been three years since we cut up our credit cards and I am so happy that we did it! Credit Cards are E.V.I.L. It’s one of the easiest ways to fall into debt. The reality is… if you are using your credit card, then it simply means that you are not living within your means. Purchasing things on credit doesn’t teach you (or our children) any self-control. So before swiping that card – ask yourself: “Do I really need this now, or can it wait until I have enough cash?” Go cash only!

Save: $50-$200 per month

3. Be Energy-Wise

Change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. Review and renegotiate your electricity providers. You’ll be surprised how much you can save! Turn the lights off when not in use. It may seem small, but hey… it all adds up.

Save: Up to $50 per month

4. Cancel Your Gym Membership

Cancel that gym subscription and hit the great outdoors – or just your backyard! Are you really using your gym membership? If you are, great. Then you should be getting your money’s worth. But if you only go once a week (or once a month!!), it’s time to get rid of it. 

Save: Up to $50 per month

5. Skip the Movies and Rent it On Netflix 

In addition to paying for the movie itself, going out to the theaters often means paying extra for food and drinks, maybe even dinner out. 

Save: $20-$40 per month

6. Make Your Own Coffee 

I LOVE COFFEE!! But it’s just so darn expensive! While I would love to justify every glorious cafe cup, I know that it’s much, much cheaper to make it at home… and so I do. Even better, I get to have some mommy friends over without breaking the bank each time.

This coffee maker gives your two ways to brew your coffee. You can brew a full pot using your favorite grounds, OR make a cup for yourself using single-serve side. It’s completely programmable and you can set a timer to wake you with that can’t-resist coffee smell. 

Save: $50-$120 per month

7. Skip the Bottled Water

Why pay for bottled water, when water is so readily available? All you need to ensure that your family is drinking safe water from the tap is to invest in a good water filtration system.

Countertop Filtration System – BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Check it out: This Filtration System is under sink mounted and doubles as a water softener. You’ll need a plumber to install it for you – unless you’re handy. But if you want something that’s simple to use and is affordable, this Countertop Filtration System will do the trick. Some people though have found that it didn’t fit their tap, and another handful found that the product shipped to them was faulty. You can see more of the reviews here.

Get your own LifeStraw Go Water Filter BottlesThese bottles each come with a reusable LifeStraw that filters water while you drink and it’s BPA-free. 

Save: $60-$150 per month

8. Buy Generic

Branded does not always mean quality. Whether it’s in the form of clothing, food, or groceries… sometimes, it’s just not worth it. Like shredded cheese and paying for convenience, with branded products; you are simply paying for the brand name.

Save: $60-$200 per month

9. Eat In

The reason many of us eat out is that we’re low on time (and energy). Sure, we go out from time to time to enjoy ourselves, but there are some (myself included sometimes) who look to takeaways for busy nights.

Ever since I got this, things have really changed for me. I can’t stress how much I love it! It has really, really changed my cooking regime; giving me back at least an hour back each day. I suggest to everyone who will listen that they need to get one.

Save: $40-$150 per month

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10. Buy Cheaper Meat Cuts

By getting cheaper cuts or even just Minced Beef, we were able to save at least $7 per meal. I researched recipes using minced beef – and no, it wasn’t meatloaf – and love how versatile it is. I even make pies now! This has really helped us. You can cook any cut and it still comes out soooo tender!

Save: $40-$150 per month

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How To Save $1000 Even When You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck - This Blended Home of Mine - how to save money fast
How To Save Money Even When You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck - This Blended Home of Mine - how to save $1000 fast

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