How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views in 5 Easy Steps


I Knew Nothing

When I first started blogging, I knew nothing.

All I knew is that I wanted out of the corporate world, and still be successful. I wanted to be like the other big bloggers – making big money and working from home.

So following a turbulent few years, in 2017, I finally decided to break away from my career as a Recruitment Consultant. I walked away from the only thing I knew. I thought to myself – If I was able to succeed in the competitive world of sales and recruitment… I could do this blogging thing.

Boy, was I naive.

I researched like mad and made it my mission to learn everything there was to learn – not knowing that there was SO MUCH to learn.

I Pinned And Waited

So anyway,  when I first started, one of the things that was clear from my research was that I needed to get on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the number one traffic generator, they said.

It’s simple, they said.

Build it and they will come, they said.

So I went all in, created a new Pinterest account, started pinning, and following other pinners.

I waited.

I kept pinning and waited some more.

And waited.

And waited.


I wasn’t getting any followers – not a single one. (I made the mistake of closing my personal account and creating a new business one; so I was starting from scratch here. Don’t do this!) And I certainly wasn’t getting any traffic! My blog was getting maybe 10 views a day if any.

I was setting myself up to fail by waiting for the magic to happen. I knew I needed to do something.

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I Found A Gem

Then I came across this gem! This book really changed the game for me. If you’re looking for a way to increase your website views, then you should consider getting this.

My monthly views were – once upon a short time ago – ZERO!

Okay, so take a look at this. This is what it looked like in the beginning. One month after I started implementing the strategies from the book, you can see my stats starting to climb.

Pinteresting Strategies - How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views


And now – just 3 months later… here I am at 458K – let me round that up to 500K, because it increases daily.

Update 20 February 2018: 

  • Pinterest – 660K monthly views
  • Blog – 10K monthly sessions


Pinterest Page Views - How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views

When I first started in May 2017, I had zero views. It didn’t matter what I did… I joined Pinterest Groups on Facebook and fell into the Pin for Pin trap – I still had zero views. I did that for three months! What a waste of precious time!

When I finally decided that I needed to invest in my business – because that’s what it is right? A business! – and bought this book, things started to change.

I took the book very seriously and implemented everything step by step (and then some). Here’s a snapshot of my Google Analytics – you can clearly see when things started to pick up for my blog in August 2017.

Wed Data - How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views

You will note that the increase in my traffic had come from Pinterest. Sure I got some from other platforms, but Pinterest took the lead by miles.

Network Referrals - How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views

Increase in Pinterest Views = Increase in Site Views

The increase in my Pinterest views naturally increased my website views. From zero to 4000 in October. Now, I know that’s not a lot for other bloggers who make over 150K views in a month, but for little ol’ me – this is exciting!Monthly Page Views - How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views

How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views in 5 Easy Steps

Right – so the first thing I would recommend is that you get this little gem of a book. It’s affordable, and you won’t regret it.

Now, if you’re not quite ready to spend some money just yet (don’t worry, I get it!), here’s what I did.

Increase Your Pinterest Page Views | Step 1: Get a Business Account

Assuming you already a have a Pinterest account, make sure that you convert it to Business Account. You can do it HERE – it’s free and it takes all of two minutes.

Aside from being able to display your blog name (instead of your personal name), having a Business Account means that you will get access to the business features of Pinterest such as Rich Pins,  Pinterest Analytics, and Promoted Pins. I don’t use promoted pins, but having access to the Rich Pins and Analytics is great because it helps you to understand the people who are engaging with your pins.

Increase Your Pinterest Page Views | Step 2: Stop Joining Pin for Pin Threads on Facebook

If there is one thing I don’t miss, it’s the Pin for Pin threads on Facebook groups. I’ve really found this activity to be time-consuming with very little, if any, return on my time invested. If you are dead serious on your blog taking off, then you will focus ONLY on activities that will give you a return on your investment – whether in terms of money, time, or page views.

Increase Your Pinterest Page Views | Step 3: Join Group Boards

Seriously – forget about the Facebook Pin for Pin groups.

Group Boards are a really great way to get your pins in front of thousands of people for very little work. Joining a Group Board means that you get to pin your original work to all the contributors on each board. If any of those contributors pin your pin, then their followers get to see your pins! Does that make sense?

If you are looking for some Group Boards to join, I’ve got three. I’ll put it at the bottom of this post, and you can feel free to hit me up 🙂

Increase Your Pinterest Page Views | Step 4: Automate Your Pins

I really like Tailwind.

Tailwind takes a bit of getting used to – but this shouldn’t deter you as there are many easy to follow tutorials on their website. They also have an account manager that you can get in touch with directly. I like how Tailwind’s smart scheduler takes the guesswork out of figuring out when the time is right to pin. All you need to do is feed pins into your scheduler, and the Smart Schedule feature sets it all up for you. I also really like how you can preset your boards (including group boards) into specific categories so you just click on it and away it goes!

As you can expect, signing up with an automation service has a fee; but I promise you – it is worth it!

Tailwind offers free trials, so you should give it a go if you haven’t already.

Increase Your Pinterest Page Views | Step 5: Pin Daily

Now just because you have automated your pins, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still pin manually. Pinterest is creepy and knows that it isn’t YOU pinning those automated pins, and it likes it prefers it when YOU are active. So even if you’ve got your automated pins scheduled, make sure you take the time to pin manually as well – you know, like when you’re waiting at a bus stop, or lazing about in the middle of a lush green field… sit down for a minute and pin a little.

Wrap Up

Now, I mentioned before that I have some group boards open if you are looking for some to join. Here they are! Send me an email on ThisBlendedHomeofMine at gmail dot com to join.

So to wrap it all up, there are 5 key steps to growing your Pinterest page views:

  1. Get a Business Account
  2. Get off Pin for Pin Facebook Groups, and focus only on activity that will give you quality returns
  3. Join Group Boards –
  4. Automate your pins
  5. Pin daily

And this is the book that helped me to get my blog off the ground!

There you go! Get to work, be patient, and know that all your hard work will pay off very soon! xoxo


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How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views in 5 Easy Steps - This Blended Home of Mine - How to blog, Pinterest Pageviews, Pinterest Traffic
How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views in 5 Easy Steps - This Blended Home of Mine - How to blog, Pinterest Pageviews, Pinterest Traffic
How To Increase Your Pinterest Page Views in 5 Easy Steps - This Blended Home of Mine - How to blog, Pinterest Pageviews, Pinterest Traffic

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