Easy Cleaning Hacks For A Clean Home

Keeping a clean home when you’ve got kids is tricky

I look at all the beautiful homes that pop up on my Facebook news feed and I wonder how they do it – what tips, tricks, and cleaning hacks do they have? I love looking at those pristine homes on Better Homes & Gardens and I drool at the picture perfect living spaces they feature. I try and tell myself that they don’t have children 🙂

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Just look at this…

BHG Living Room - Clean Cozy Home

Found on Better Homes & Gardens

Isn’t it so pretty? I love the colour scheme, the coffee table, the couches – everything! I swear, BHG is my favourite site. I can surf through it all day and day dream.

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I particularly like country homes. There’s something about it that makes me feel warm and cozy. Just gaze at that, will you?

BHG Country Kitchen best- Clean Cozy Home

Found on Better Homes & Gardens

I can be so uptight at times about having a clean home, but I try and remind myself of that saying…. how does it go? Please excuse the mess… the children are making memories. I really like This one! I’ve got it on my wall ♥

MLMSZ Please excuse the Mess Kids Decor Vinyl Wall Decal Quote Sticker Inspiration Living Room Decoration

Please excuse the Mess – Vinyl Wall Decal Quote

Cleaning Hacks to Start Today

Anyway, so I started researching on cleaning habits and quick hacks that will not only help me keep my home clean – some of these also help me save heaps of time. By doing a little each day, rather than one big clean up; I get to hang on to my sanity a little bit longer.

1. Quick Cleaning CheatsFound on Better Homes & Gardens

  • Here are super easy hacks to fake your way when you’ve got guests coming and you haven’t had a chance to tidy up. 

Try this out- Scentsy Counter Clean (Coconut Cotton)

2. How to Declutter an Entire Room in 5 Simple Steps Found on The Turquoise Home 

  • We all have that one room that’s filled with everything we said we’d get to another day. Am I right? I have a spare room that I said I would turn into my office one day… It’s still just a spare room, and I’m working out in the hallway 🙁 The amazing Laura shows us in 5 simple steps how to declutter that eyesore! Who’s with me?

3. 7 Daily Habits for a Clutter-Free Home – Found on Becoming Minimalist

  • It seems so simple, but we often fail to do it. I might just try and become a minimalist!

4.  How Often You Should Clean Everything – Found on Good Housekeeping

  • Okay, so who else better can tell us about housekeeping than our good old friends over at Good Housekeeping. Here’s a perfect schedule that helps us keep track of everything.

Cleaning Schedule


I’d love to know what your cleaning strategies are. Drop me a comment!


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