How to Declutter Your Home Fast: 50 Things to Toss Out


Regain Space and Sanity in Your Home

If you look around your home right now – like, right this very moment; and with no time to do a quick tidy up… are you loving what you see? Yeah… me too. It’s unbelievable how quickly we accumulate clutter throughout the year. I can literally turn my head a fraction of a degree and spot something that I should have gotten rid of ages ago. So! In an effort to help you (and me!) regain space and sanity in your home, here are 50 things to toss out and declutter.

16 Things to Declutter | In the Kitchen

  • Pantry items that are expired or that you are never going to use or cook with (gifted or bought out of inspiration!)
  • Old rubs and spices
  • Lone utensils with no other halves
  • Cooking utensils that have rusted or have got melted tips
  • Containers with no lids or are warped and out of shape
  • Old cookbooks you haven’t opened in ages – get your inspiration here instead. Or here, or here!
  • Cooking or Baking pans that have rusted
  • Dish and hand towels that are worn, stained, or have tears
  • Oven mitts that are are worn, stained, or burnt!
  • Chipped mugs, glasses, plates, and bowls
  • Gadgets you never use
  • Garlic Press – because… do you really use it? It’s harder to wash it than it is to smash and chop garlic!
  • Takeout menus – Take a photo of each and keep them on your phone
  • Appliance brochures and product manuals (unless it has a warranty sticker on it)
  • Dirty, stained placemats
  • Takeaway condiments – Ketchup packets, sushi soy sauce etc.


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7 Things to Declutter | In the Living Room 

  • Old remote controls
  • Dated magazines and newspapers
  • Coffee table books that are not read
  • Cushions that have lost their fluff and bounce
  • Throws that are stained, holey, fuzzy or lined with pilling
  • If you’ve got any old Cassettes or VHS tapes – toss it. They’re not going to be making a come back
  • Music CDs you’re no longer into

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4 Things to Declutter | In the Laundry Room

  • Socks that don’t have pairs! (If they haven’t turned up in a month, they probably won’t every turn up. It’s a mystery…)
  • Broken clothes pegs
  • Broken clothes hangers
  • Laundry products you don’t use – be honest!

10 Things to Declutter | In the Master Bedroom

  • Pillows that no longer have any bounce
  • Stained or holey beddings
  • Old jewelry and accessories – necklaces, earrings, bracelets
  • Old makeup! Did you know that makeup expires? Well I’ll be!
  • Perfume or Cologne you never use – or don’t like the smell of
  • Old cell phones and bits of technology – I’m so bad at this. I have like 3 or 4 old mobile phones somewhere in my bedroom drawers! Think – cell phones, earphones, alarm clocks, old radios
  • Clear your closet of things you don’t ever wear. If it doesn’t make you feel awesome – get rid of it!
  • Old spectacles – Did you know that your old eyeglasses can be donated?
  • Lotions and creams you don’t use.
  • Check your medicine cabinet – get rid of old prescription and medicines. They have a life span.

6 Things to Declutter | In the Children’s Bedroom and Playroom

  • Old, raggedy pillows
  • Broken toys
  • Toys and board games they never play with
  • Old artwork – if you don’t want to toss these, file them in a ring binder, box, or scrapbook
  • Clothes the children have outgrown
  • Old art material – pens that don’t work, dried up tubs of paint, broken crayons

7 Things to Declutter | In the Office or Study

  • Old business brochures
  • Junk Mail
  • Old mail – or file it if it’s important
  • Writing material – pens with no caps, broken pencils
  • Random cords you don’t use (or even know what they’re for)
  • Books you have already read – donate them
  • School books and notebooks from the previous year(s)

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How to Declutter Your House, and regain your space and sanity fast | This Blended Home of Mine _How to Declutter Your Home Fast
50 things to throw out - Declutter your entire house - This Blended Home of Mine | Decluttering ideas, for when you are feeling overwhelmed by the mess. These tips and list of 50 things to throw out will help you conquer the chaos and regain your space.
50 Things you should throw out to have a clutter-free home - This Blended Home of Mine
50 Things you should throw out to have a clutter-free home - This Blended Home of Mine
How to Declutter Your Home Fast - 50 Things to Throw Out - This Blended Home of Mine - how to get rid of things you don't need

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