Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Your Gut

Your Gut Is A Liar Okay, so bear with me a moment here. Look back to your past… Go ahead… I’m right here.  Now consider any past experiences when you had an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. Think  about that time that you found yourself wanting to leave your job. Or perhaps you […]

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Why You Need to Unbalance Your Life

Why You Need to Unbalance Your Life _ This Blended Home of Mine - Life lessons, Balanced Lifestyle, Balanced Life, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Self Care

Unbalance Your Life As we get older and life takes over, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by our responsibilities; and so we naturally try and get a handle on juggling and balancing it all out. Fair enough, right? But see – here’s the thing. It shouldn’t be about balancing it all on your life’s plate… that’s […]

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The Only Thing You Need to Know About Finding Happiness

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Finding Happiness - This Blended Home of Mine - Tips on how to be happy with yourself and your life, Goals

Finding Happiness These days, everyone seems unhappy with their lives – and so we go on these never-ending searches for this thing called happiness; each wanting to know how to be happy. We work ourselves to the ground, aiming for that career promotion that will finally make us happy. We chase after the money, thinking […]

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How To Be More Confident

How To Find Your Confidence When It Feels Like It Doesn’t Exist Let me be upfront with you right now. I’m not going to tell you to do affirmations or stand tall while you talk to yourself in the mirror, or to go challenge yourself and introduce yourself to random people you don’t know. No – […]

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Find Your Passion and Never Work Another Day in Your Life Again

Choose a Job You Love There is a saying by Confucius ~ Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I think this is spot on! Confucius clearly knew what he was talking about. BUT – if you’re like me, you will have asked yourself how […]

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20 Simple But Effective Ways to Love Yourself

Self Love  There are days when my anxiety gets the better of me, that I forget to love myself. I feel completely bogged down. When this happens, I hide away in my bedroom cave, draw the curtains shut, cover my head with a pillow, and hide from the world. Yesterday was one of those days. Difficult. My mental […]

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