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Hi! We’re Melissa and Wayne.

We’re so glad you stopped by!

This Blended Home of Mine was created to empower moms to live BIG through personal development and simplified living in the areas of Parenting, Lifestyle, Career, and Money.  

Wayne is an Accountant and the brains behind our personal finances. And I’m the ex-Recruiter, turned WAHM, homemaker, author, blogger, and mompreneur!

Our Story

In 2015, I (Melissa) felt like my whole world was a mess. So did Wayne!

I felt hopeless and tired. My marriage was a mess. I felt like I was failing as a mother. My anxieties were taking over me. My career was slowly killing me, and I was swimming in debt.

My marriage finally gave. And as fate would have it… Wayne and I found each other. (Can you hear the violin strings playing in the background?)

From Corporate Mom to WAHM

In early 2017, we decided that I would stay home and look after my two daughters, who experienced the emotional roller coaster ride of a family break up. With both girls being in their tweens, we knew that they needed their mama to be at home to be there for them.

It was a no-brainer for Wayne and I. The children were far more important than anything else. They needed our presence to feel secure.

As an Accountant, Wayne made the decision to change his working hours; so that 40% of his time was spent working from home. I left my corporate job as a Recruitment Consultant. You can read how I did it here.

I began focusing on my writing, created this blog, authoring books, and also started my own freelance writing business

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The Accountant and The Recruiter

As my business began to grow, I just knew that there are other people like me, who want and need to let go of the stresses and overwhelm of the corporate world — People like you, who are afraid of leaving a stable job that offers a stable income.

I talked to Wayne about it and he was totally on board! In fact, he knew people first hand who were already experiencing it. So being the Accountant in the family, Wayne offered to share his tips on managing money the smart way, like How we paid my $24,000 debt off in 16 months and How we save for a holiday on a tight budget.

While I, as the Writer, put pen to paper and shared our practices at home as a single income household. Being an ex-Recruitment Consultant, I also share industry tips such as Return to Work Tips from a Recruitment Consultant and How to Writer a Stellar CV for SAHMs.

So WE GET YOU. We’ve got you, and YOU are not alone.

We’ve both been there, and we successfully got out of the trap, and we want to help you get out of it too.

Here, we talk about Simplifying Life Through:

Through This Blended Home of Mine, you will:

  • Learn how to Live BIG!
  • Find new ideas on how to move forward with your dream of working from home, beginning with finding your passion and which steps to take next.
  • Learn how to connect with your children as an introverted parent, without having to go too much outside of your comfort zone.
  • Learn how to budget the family expenses so that you can transition from being a dual income household to a single income one.
  • Be the best version of you


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