10 Well-Paying Jobs for Introverts


Jobs for Introverts

Working in a corporate environment can be difficult for an Introvert. I know. I’ve been there. Everyday was a mission. I always dreamed of finding non-corporate jobs for introverts like myself that I could hide away in.

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Before I started blogging full time, my day would often start with me not wanting to get out bed, followed a coffee and a mental pep talk. When I’d get to work, I put on a smile to mask my exhaustion from just the morning alone, and then carry on through the day. If people talked to me, which was generally unavoidable in my line of work as a recruitment consultant, I would speak in a very calm manner so as not get myself overwhelmed or anxious. It must have worked because my colleagues have always commented on how calm and collected I always seemed. This would backfire however, as they ended always coming to me when they had problems they needed help with or wanted to talk about.

Now, in the NORMAL world, it wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing – in fact, it was a good thing in that my managers always tended to see me as a leader. But in MY real world, it was exhausting. By the time I would get home, I had no energy for my family. I’d cook dinner and do house chores. My life felt like a prison.

So yes – I do get it.

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10 Jobs for Introverts That will Change Your Life

1.  Freelance Writer 

I started off as a freelance writer. For years, I was afraid of jumping in blindly. I had too many responsibilities to leave my full time corporate job for the uncertainty of freelance work. So before I jumped in, I had many talks with my partner. We crafted a budget and stuck to it. Within 1 year, I was able to leave my job and launch my own freelancing business.

Being a freelance writer has a lot of perks for an introvert like  myself. First, I don’t have to leave the house and deal with people face to face. All my consultation meetings are over the phone and email. My work is delivered via email; and so are my invoices. Perfect.

I started small – charging by the hour; and eventually built up to be able to charge by project.

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, check out this post. I promise, it’s not rocket science. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

2.  Blogger 

It’s no surprise that I’m putting blogging as a great avenue for introverts. When I first started This Blended Home of Mine, I didn’t know what to expect. I started by writing things that came to mind. As I became more hmmm – more experienced – I also became more skilled at analyzing what my readers want. These days, Blogging is my full time job; and my freelance writing comes second for an extra boost. I’d like to get to the day when all my income comes from my blogging.

Here are some posts you might like to read, if becoming a blogger is of interest to you:

3.  Wedding Bouquet Designer

Brides (and Grooms) put all their savings into their Big Day, so it’s no surprise that the wedding industry has always been a money machine. Although, as I’m sure you will have noticed, couples have started to be more discerning of their expenses – finally realizing that spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a 3 hour event probably isn’t the wisest. One of the most obvious cut backs that Brides agree to are the fresh flowers.

So – bring in the Wedding Bouquet Designers. Using artificial silk flowers, you can design beautiful bouquets for the fraction of the price of real flowers. All you need to do is to find a supplier, design a few sample bouquets, and start marketing your business on Facebook. You’ll be surprised by how many bridal groups there are on Facebook!

4.  Dog Walking Business

If you’re a dog lover, then you’ve already won half the battle. A lot of families with dogs don’t necessarily have the time to take their fur babies out for regular walks, so that’s where you come in. I personally I used dog walking services through Furry Poppins NZ for Evie – especially when I was working in a corporate job. She does an amazing job and caters not only dogs, but ANY fur baby!

5. Dog Grooming Business

Here’s another path that you can take if you love dogs. In fact – why not offer both services. Like I said, the problem that most people with dogs have is the struggle with time. I’m not talking about full on grooming. I’m meaning more around giving doggy baths, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Stuff that don’t require you to be a vet.

6.  Postie 

A Postie is someone who delivers our mail to us. They are generally employed by Postal organisations. Because of the unpredictable weather conditions that posties have to deal with on a daily basis, they get compensated quite well.

7.  Inbound Customer Care Agent (or Call Center Agent)

More and more, businesses and organisations are either outsourcing their inbound call center services; or they employ people who work from home. If you don’t mind talking to people over the phone, then this job can pay well. Often, you are able to choose your hours so that you can continue to cater to other responsibilities you might have.

8.  Virtual Assistant

The need for and use of Virtual Assistants has grown in the last few years. Business Owners have found great value in hiring VA’s, allowing them concentrate on the other more pressing matters of their business. The services a VA can offer are varied and can include:

  • Administration
  • Word Processing
  • Transcription
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management
  • Event Management
  • And possibly anything else you can think off!

9.  Online Re-seller

Do you enjoy hunting for bargains? Thrift shopping? Treasure Hunting? Then this is perfect for you. Scour the internet or hit the op-shops for preloved treasures; and then resell them online through Ebay, Trade Me, Amazon, or even Facebook groups.

10. Write Book Reviews

There are quite a few online publishers, such as the Online Book Club,  who hire people to read and review books. Needless to say, the more you read, the more you get paid.

There you go! 10 Jobs for Introverts That Will Make You Happy and Change Your Life! Take your pick and start being happy.

10 Well-Paying Jobs for Introverts - This Blended Home of Mine _ Social Anxiety, Career, Part time, Make Money, Tips
10 Jobs for Introverts that Pay Well - This Blended Home of Mine _ Social Anxiety, Career, Part time, Make Money, Tips

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